Acceleration of tooth movement

Orthodontic treatment depends on slow bone remodeling and hence is time consuming. Latest research has claimed to expedite the tooth movement by certain procedures and devices. At Smiles N Faces , we do undertake these procedures or suggest use of accelerating devices to speed up tooth movement


Acceledent works by producing gentle pulsating movements that safely and gently speed up the orthodontic tooth movement. Research has shown that AcceleDent accelerates orthodontic treatment by up to 50 %. This device is used for 20 minutes daily during orthodontic treatment along with fixed braces or clear aligners.


The PROPEL System creates alveolar perforations to make orthodontic appliances, such as Invisalign and traditional braces, more efficient. Creating micro osteo-perforations is a micro-invasive option used to accelerate the stimulation of bone production in the upper and lower jaw. This alone will help cut your treatment time in half. The PROPEL system will help both your teeth shift and tissues heal faster than they ever could with orthodontic treatment alone. PROPEL Orthodontics can also help produce faster results in patients whose bone growth is still active, such as in teens and young adults.


Corticotomies , which means making deliberate cuts in cortical bone around the teeth to be moved, induces faster bone turn over by Regional Acceleratory Phenomenon ( RAP), which provides the biological basis for accelerated tooth movement. Case reports and limited clinical studies show that corticotomies increase rates of tooth movement and decrease treatment duration. The experimental evidence indicates that corticotomies approximately double the amount of tooth movement produced with orthodontic forces.