Myofunctional appliances are specific orthopaedic appliances for facial skeleton to bring about desirable changes in position, shape and size of jaw bones in a growing child. For example, if a child of 11 years has got small lower jaw giving him an appearance of bird face, a custom fabricated removable myofunctional appliance called an activator or a twin block can be given to child to wear on teeth and jaws, which delivers natural , mild and painless forces to the growing lower jaw through jaw muscles to make it grow more and in proportion to the upper jaw.s


These appliances can be worn and removed by the patient easily and should be used for specified number of hours as instructed by the orthodontist.


Fixed myofunctional appliances are fixed directly to the teeth or to fixed braces and can not be removed by the patient. These are used when the child is about to finish his growth spurt and has only few months remaining to complete his/ her growth. These are can also used in non cooperative children who do not wear removable myofunctional appliances as per instructions.