Orthodontic treatment with braces can do so many positive things for you other than just better looking teeth and smile.

Orthodontic treatment gives you a better teeth intercuspation which greatly improves function of your teeth. So you can chew your food better and chew on either side with equal ease and efficiency.

If you have been having missing or extracted teeth for a long time, the adjacent / opposing teeth tilt / overerupt into those spaces causing premature teeth contact, abnormal teeth wear, periodontal pockets , T M Joint disturbances etc. Orthodontic treatment can reverse this completely. With orthodontic treatment your natural teeth positions are restored / improved and just the right space is created for replacement of missing teeth.
Sometimes, if the treatment plan permits, the space of missing teeth is completely closed by moving adjacent teeth together with braces. Hence requiring no replacement of teeth

Braces can be used to develop healthy sites for putting dental implants in case of atrophic ridges due to long standing extraction spaces.

Enhancing smile - Orthodontics naturally improves the smile esthetics. But in certain conditions like excessive teeth wear in front teeth, the teeth migrate causing irregular / unesthetic gingival margins. With braces teeth can be intruded / extruded to have proportionate and aligned gingival margins. Later the worn out portion of the tooth is built up with composites / laminates to complete the smile enhancement.

Directional tooth movement with braces can improve the bony defects around the teeth, improving the periodontal health and maintenance of teeth.

Peg shaped and malformed teeth cause functional as well as esthetic problems, orthodontic correction of their alignment followed by restorative treatment tremendously improves esthetic and functional result

Orthodontics can improve the facial musculature in size and tone giving the right kind of natural attractive facial contours

Orthodontic treatment can tremendously improve your self esteem and confidence, making you altogether a new person who is confident, focused and extrovert.