Skeletal Anchorage

At Smiles and Faces, we are always eager to embraces the latest procedures and modalities in Orthodontics which are advantageous for our patients in terms of quality of results, comfort, speed of treatment and esthetics. We are innovating ideas and technics to improve the patient experience and quality of results.


Temporary anchorage Devices ( TADs) have revolutionalised the practice of orthodontics all over the world. It has not only improved the biomechanics of Orthodontic forces but also made certain complex orthodontic conditions treatable non surgically which required invasive surgeries few years back. At Smiles N Faces we use TADs where ever necessary to have a very pleasant esthetic outcome non surgically …

TADs may be used to bring about skeletal jaw expansion

TADs may be used to intrude the teeth in bone

TADs are used to retract protruded teeth

TADs can change a surgical case into non surgical

TADs can intrude the extruded molars and change the plane of occlusion