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Few years later

I had always wanted to correct my smile since many years but was not sure that I could do it as I was in my mid thirties. So just to take it off my mind once and for all, I decided to meet Dr. Prashant Dhole and was prepared for him to tell me that this is not possible and it is too late for me to start treatment . I thought after that I can take this thought out of my mind forever and live with what god had blessed me with.

Suprisingly , Dr Prashant said that a correction was possible and it will take around 15 months . I was excited but yet skeptical as to how I can wear braces at this age especially as I am working for a multinational and for the MD of the company. Dr Prashant assured me that it would not be so bad situation and I should go for it. Well I took the courage and decided that if I suffer, it would be only for 1 ½ year and so went ahead . Yes initially I was a little embarrassed to smile or talk to anyone but I soon got over it went about my normal duties.

My boss said it was ok and I should not be so self conscious.

The treatment was very smooth and I did not feel much pain or discomfort as I had previously expected.

And now after my treatment, I am extremely happy with the results and cannot stop smiling to everyone around . My husband was very excited and happy to see my improved smile.

Overall in have had a wonderful experience whenever I have been to Dr. Dhole’s clinic . The staff is always smiling, courteous and very warm . The atmoshphere and ambience at the clinic is great and the music was good .

I wish Dr. Prashant all the very best in his future endeavours.

Initial Consultation

The smile that changed her life !!!!

Smile is a curve – Which makes everything straight !

But for that you need a perfect smile with those set of shiny white 32 too.

I had a smile but not that perfect smile which often made me conscious while laughing. My unaligned teeth lowered my confidence, until I met Doctor Gandhi who asked me to consult Dr. Prashant Dhole for my braces treatment.

Initially , I was a bit afraid of what will my teeth look like at the end… Whether they will be in alignment ever ! But as my treatment started, I recognized that it is absolutely painless and comfortable ! This 1 ½ year went by so fast and I was very happy because my braces didn’t hurt a bit .

And today , When my braces are off , I couldn’t just recognize myself in the mirror ! Oh God ! Was that me ??? Am I really so beautiful? With braces treatment my facial features also have improved .

And all the credit goes only & only to Dr Prashant Dhole who changed my life and the lovely, friendly staff which took utmost care of me all throughout my treatment.

Even my parents were surprised to see such wonderful results. Today, am recognized as the girl with a beautiful smile in my college !!!

Thank you very very much !!!

Initial Consultation

An achiever with a pretty smile...

Thank you so much for such a brilliant experience! My fear of dentists has completely vanished!

Your affability and concern have moved me now, I can smile brighter than ever because of the treatment given to me at Perfect Smiles! It had given me the confidence to perform well in whatever I do… Hope you continue giving this quality of treatment!

Initial Consultation

Dentist by profession

I am damn happy with the results of the orthodontic treatment because it has changed my facial appearance and the smile to a huge extent which without Prashant sir wouldn’t have been possible .

I am more than happy & excited to have this change in my face.

Thank you so much Sir, for this flashing smile.

Initial Consultation

Dentist by professions

Before coming to “Perfect Smiles Orthodontic clinic” I did not have a perfect smile. My uncle suggested your name for my treatment to my parents. I was very conscious about my smile whenever I used to smile for photographs, but now am confident for any photograph. I thought that it would be a painful treatment and hurt my teeth but actually when treatment started it did not hurt me and also it was not that painful./p>

I think it is all because of u uncle that you are so caring for all your patients . My school friend and relatives were pleasantly surprised looking at change in my smile and personality. I am also very happy to see a change in me and my smile. I am very proud to be your patient. At every single visit I have experienced the care you take, the efforts you put in, to create the smile we are so proud of. At PERFECT SMILES ORTHODONTICS, people come with a curved smile but go with a Perfect Smile and this is the greatest gift given by u to everyone.

Thank You very much for a Perfect Smile.

Initial Consultation

Most of my friends commented that I looked smarter and more handsome after braces were removed.

My family member also commented after my braces were removed they said, I looked good.

Your affability and concern have moved me now, I can smile brighter than ever because of the treatment given to me at Perfect Smiles! It had given me the confidence to perform well in whatever I do… Hope you continue giving this quality of treatment!

My personal comment on this is that all the hard work done by Dr. Prashant Dhole, my doctor and a person who gave me a new life is seen now.

I think I look more smart and handsome boy and more of my personality is seen because of my perfect smile.

Now I can face the world more confidently with a new smile and a more beautiful face. I whole heartedly thank Dr. Prashant Dhole for giving me a new life and a perfect smile which suits my personality.